NEW:  Skyline West Neighborhood Bird List

The Wildlife Committee was formed in July, 2019.

Committee members:

Melissa Chamberlin  (chair)         ojbihun@hotmail.com
Dan Roby
Janine Salwasser
Dianna Steinauer
Jackie Templeton

Mission: (draft July, 2019)

Our mission is to work to maintain a sustainable, balanced, safe, and healthy neighborhood for residents while assisting humans to live in harmony with natural habitats and native wildlife.

Proposed Activities:

  1. Establish connections with city, county, and state officials responsible for helping with wildlife co-existence and management.
  2. Coordinate neighborhood activities related to native wildlife interaction for resident safety and that of the natural inhabitants.
  3. Provide informational / educational resources on existing natural habitats, wildlife corridors, and native wildlife in the area.
  4. Promote activities and engagement of the community for understanding, connecting with, and living in harmony with native wildlife.
  5. Create forums as needed to be responsive in addressing resident safety concerns and that of the native wildlife.
  6. Provide opportunities to bring forth concerns and questions in order to provide information, direction, and connection to resources if needed for further exploration or resolution.

Possible Actions:

Utilize the website to:

  1. Post videos / cameos of native wildlife.
  2. Provide downloadable / printable City of Corvallis habitat maps.
  3. Provide links to informational / educational resources.
  4. Provide a way to post resident questions and follow up answers regarding natural habitats and native wildlife in the area.

If you have questions or comments about the Wildlife Committee, its mission or actions, or if you would like to join the committee, please contact Melissa Chamberlin or the officers of SWNA.


in 2014 Benton County was the first in Oregon to be certified as a community wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.