A Community Wildfire Safety Program

Firewise is also a subcommittee of the Safety Committee of SWNA  focused on mitigating the dangers of wildfire to our community.  We live in the urban-wildland interface and are exposed to the very real danger of wildfire.  Furthermore evacuation and fire-fighting resources are limited.  Firewise wants to help you lessen the risk of damage by wildfire through education and community activities.  Please view our page about wildfire preparation.

Firewise Chairperson:  Carrie Berger,

Dumpster Days May 17 to 19, 2019
The dumpster will be located at the corner of Ponderosa and Royal Oaks.

Evacuation Exercise   Saturday May 4, 2019

Firewise, in conjunction with Benton Country Emergency Services and the Corvallis Ploice Department, held an evacuation exercise on May 4, 2019.  The key components were:
1.  making sure you are registered with the Linn-Benton Alert Emergency Notification System.
2.  preparing for a possible evacuation with an emergency kit and list of important things to take with you.
3.  knowing what to do to your home when you evacuate.
4.  having a plan to assemble your family at an evacuation point of your choice or as directed in the emergency alert.

Participation in this practice evacuation was optional, but Firewise encourages everyone to be ready and prepare.  Members of SWNA received a series of e-mails prior to Evacuation Day.  That information is archived here on the website.

Dumpster Days October 29 to November 4, 2018

Dumpster Days is just around the corner!  During the week of October 29th to November 4th please dispose of unwanted organic debris including vegetation, tree branches, needles/leaves, etc.  Remember that branches and tangled piles takes up a lot of space in the dumpster, so please cut small branches from larger branches and then arrange all branches into compact bundles for placement in the dumpster.  Please do not bring household trash.

The dumpster will be placed at the entrance to the neighborhood in front of 6125 Ponderosa Ave.  A huge thank you to the neighbors who generously offered the use of this space.

SWNA will rent a trailer to transport debris and will offer assistance to bring debris to the dumpster.  Please contact Carrie Berger if you would like help. (

SWNA wants to keep track of the time/expense spent on Firewise activities this year for the grant, so please report your hours to Carrie Berger.  Thank you for your participation in this activity to help reduce the risk of wildfire in Skyline West.

Carrie Berger, Firewise Chair
SWNA Safety Committee

Dumpster Days is made possible by a City of Corvallis Neighborhood Empowerment Grant.