About Us

Skyline West Neighborhood Association (SWNA) was founded in 2014 for the following purposes:

1. To facilitate and encourage communication among the members of the Association.

2. To provide an organizational structure for undertaking tasks that are of common concern to the members of the Association and related to enhancing the welfare and livability of the neighborhood.

3. To inform the members of the Association regarding issues of concern to the neighborhood and the larger community.

4. To promote and encourage the participation of members of the Association in local government and community issues.

SWNA functions as a nonpartisan organization. While encouraging its members to participate as individuals in all aspects of local political processes, the SWNA as an organization does not endorse candidates for political office or take partisan stands on ballot issues.

SWNA as an organization has a set of bylaws (pdf available here).  Officers are elected by the neighborhood members for 2 year terms.  They meet as an executive board with additional members as appointed by the president.  A current list of officers and committee members is available here.

SWNA originally established 2 committees to address current areas of concern for the neighborhood.  These are the Safety Committee that includes Street Liaisons and the Roads Committee. A Wildlife Committee was formed in July, 2019.  These committees meet periodically and send out information of importance to the neighborhood and organize neighborhood events.  For more information see the committee pages.

SWNA has established a system of street liaisons, neighbors who contact neighbors, to facilitate communications and disseminate information important to the neighborhood and SWNA activities.

SWNA has successfully applied for block grants that it has used for neighborhood enrichment projects.  These have provided monies for brush clean-up days to help mitigate fire dangers and for distribution of emergency preparedness pamphlets.

SWNA is not empowered to make assessments or regulations.  It may periodically ask for voluntary donations to help fund expenses like the maintenance of this website.

Becoming a member of SWNA is easy.  All one has to do is reside or work within the Skyline West neighborhood! (see map below) and contact us by e-mail at officers@skylinewest.org.  Members are encouraged to also sign-up for e-mail notifications and updates by sending an e-mail to officers@skylinewest.org.  E-mails from SWNA will be limited to community business and safety concerns.

In 2018, a second experimental e-mail group (skylinewest_noticeboard) was established for informal communications, a neighborhood bulletin board of sorts:  the lost cat or dog, the rutting deer, the aggressive turkey, a join us or WT* happened.  We encourage participants to be calm and neighborly.  Please consider sending your replies to the person of interest and not the whole group.

Welcome to Skyline West Neighborhood Association!